Tip from Kyle: It’s All About Confidence

Screenshot 2015-07-06 10.38.42

Hi! My name is Kyle and I just finished up my freshman year here at Harvard. I’m studying comparative religion with a secondary in computer science. I work for the radio station with my roommates, tutor for HSA Tutoring, and love to run in my free time.

For me, on test day, it’s all about confidence. By the time you sit down to take the SAT or ACT, you’ve studied and you are academically prepared. The last 24 hours before the test are about making sure you’re emotionally prepared. Have a good dinner and try to do something you enjoy the night before the test, like watching your favorite tv show or going bowling or anything that’s going to make you feel relaxed. Lay out everything you need to take with you to the test — your ID, registration, pencils, an approved calculator, gum, snacks. If it’s all in one place the night before and you’re sure you have everything ready to go, you won’t have the last minute crisis of getting to the testing center without something. Make sure you get to bed early-ish; you want to get 8 hours of sleep (or whatever is right amount for you) so that you feel rested but not groggy from sleeping too much. Set an alarm (and a backup!) so that you’ll be awake in time to get to the testing center, and make sure to have a good breakfast before you leave! The SAT and ACT are both long tests, so you’ll feel pretty awful by the end if you didn’t eat beforehand. Once you’re in your seat and ready to go, take a couple of deep breaths and know that you’re ready. You’ve practiced and now you’re ready to knock the test out of the park.

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