Tip from Joey: Quotes to Consider

JoeyMy name is Joey and I am a rising sophomore at Harvard College planning to study Engineering. I play on Harvard’s varsity ice hockey team, and I used to play baseball. Before Harvard, I went to public high school in New Jersey for three years and to a prep school in Connecticut for two years. Now I’m a tutor for HSA and I work on a startup in my free time.
I’d like to share some advice that I’ve received along the way. It is mostly general advice although I hope you will find it helpful for not only your academic careers and preparation for standardized tests but also for life at school in general.
Like most people at Harvard, I am fairly busy during the school year balancing sports and school. Talking in the dining hall with someone about how everyone at school seems so busy, I learned something interesting. My friend said, “if you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Although it may seem unrelated, I think there are takeaways for the SAT/ACT and school in general in the quote from my friend. Being busy forces you to stay on top of everything and it conditions you to take care of multiple tasks at once. Do not let yourself think that because you are busy you have no time. Set aside time to pursue your goals and do not be afraid to “ask the world for things” as another friend of mine has said that, “oftentimes, if you ask enough times you might just end up with the answer you want.”
And to share one more quote with you, “be happy with what you have while you strive towards what you want.” I don’t think any of these people made up the quotes themselves but the way they have applied them in their life is remarkable. So my takeaway is to stay busy, stay ambitious, but most importantly stay happy.

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