Tip from Sophie: How To Keep Yourself Sane

sophieHi everyone, my name is Sophia Iosue and I’m a sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Comparative Literature and Government with a Secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I’m on the Varsity Track and Field team and involved in a sorority, College Events Board, and I’m Co-Director of Best Buddies here at Harvard, all in addition to tutoring for HSA Tutoring. I’m originally from a small rural school in Pennsylvania, and Harvard College and all its amazing activities definitely gets busy, so today I’m going to talk about priorities and time management.

I’ve always loved to keep myself busy. Just like a lot of students here at Harvard, I was really involved in my High School and general community at home. However, I’ve learned throughout college admissions and school in general that it’s more important to be highly involved in a few things that I’m truly passionate about than spreading myself too thin and giving some effort to a lot of things. I’m still learning how to prioritize my activities and make sure I’m being intentional about how I spend my time. From friends to extracurriculars to all the amazing classes at Harvard, there’s always too much to do and never enough time.

I’ve found that it’s most important to make sure that I’m prioritizing my time the way I would want to be identified. That might mean telling myself that my first commitment is being a student, my second an athlete, and my third a Co-Director of Best Buddies. However, it’s equally important to be very intentional about allotting time to de-stress and spend time relaxing with friends or by myself. That way, it’s easier to maximize my time working or studying.

Overall, it’s important to be involved in activities that you’re passionate about in college. A balanced lifestyle includes working and relaxing, and both are crucial for your health. I recommend being very intentional about your schedule and prioritizing the things that create your identity. These are the things that will keep you sane when things get hectic in college.

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