Tips from Sophie: Balancing Academics and Sports

sophieHi everyone, my name is Sophie Iosue and I’m a sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Comparative Literature and Government with a Secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I’m on the Varsity Track and Field team and involved in a sorority, College Events Board, and Co-Director of Best Buddies here at Harvard, all in addition to tutoring for HSA. In the fall I walked onto the Varsity Track and Field team as a thrower. Things definitely get crazy as a student-athlete, especially at a school as mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding as Harvard. However, the rewards of discipline truly are worth it, so today I’m going to talk about how to balance the student-athlete lifestyle.

As a student-athlete I find that the most valuable tool I have is time-management. Managing my time among studying, practice, and friends can be really difficult. However, these are all things I love and choose to pursue because I love them, so I find that it’s also very important to maintain perspective on why I chose to come to this college and why I choose to pursue these activities every day. Additionally, I believe it’s very important to budget time for each activity, especially sleep. As an athlete, sleep is crucial to helping me practice and achieve to my best ability.

Another factor apart from the obvious importance of budgeting time for studying for classes, which is the real reason we’re at college, after all, is the importance of having alternative extracurriculars. Although it can seem like a lot, I think it’s so important to have activities outside of class and practice. Because I am involved in service organizations and a sorority, I find I have new environments to challenge me and help me grow, as well as completely new social connections I could not find on my team or in the classroom. These extracurriculars give me space to step away from stress that can often result from high-stakes activities like school and athletics. In that vein, relaxation is also crucial to overall health as a human, and a key part of balancing my life as a student-athlete.


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