Tips from Sydney! Student-athletes at Harvard

SydneyHi! I’m Sydney, a senior concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I am an active member of Currier House as well as a member of the Varsity Sailing Team. During my time at Harvard, I also worked in stem cell lab studying beta-cells and Type I Diabetes. I am going to talk about being a student athlete at Harvard.
My sport, sailing, is in season every month but February, meaning that I am often extremely busy. We practice three afternoons a week, two mornings a week, and compete almost every Saturday and Sunday. Regattas often involve traveling, sometimes to local venues like MIT, but other times all the way to Maryland or further. It can be overwhelming at times to handle athletics and academics but I would never trade my Harvard Sailing experience for anything else. With careful planning and a set schedule that I make sure to follow, it is very manageable to get all my work done and also be able to give 100% at every team event.
Being a student athlete teaches you to be efficient, timely, and to work very hard to reach your goals. It also teaches you how to prioritize things, how important getting enough sleep is, and how great it is to have the support of a team of amazing people. At the end of the day, there’s nothing cooler than going out on the water with a Harvard Pinnie on! If you have the opportunity to play a sport in college my advice is to never pass it up.

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