Tips from Sufia! Starting the College Search

admissions officeHi! My name is Sufia, and I am a rising junior concentrating in History of Science with a secondary in Chemistry. I am a member of Cabot House and enjoy being a director of the South Asian Dance Company (SADC). I also am a part of the Kidney Disease Screening and Prevention (KDSAP) society and a member of the First Generation Committee. In regards to work, I enjoy being an HSA tutor, giving tours of Harvard’s campus, working as a manager at Lamont Cafe, and teaching Japanese students English. I will be talking about what students should look for as they are considering colleges.

The type of college you attend depends solely on you. For example, if you want to study engineering, it wouldn’t make sense to go to a school famous for arts. If you are someone that enjoys living and studying in a major city, it wouldn’t make sense to attend a school that is in the middle of nowhere in a small town area. That is one of the major factors that made me choose Harvard over Princeton; I knew that I would fit better at a school in a medium-sized city with the opportunity to go into a larger city (Boston) if I wanted to – something that would be difficult to do at Princeton.

Sports also can have an impact; if you are someone who would like to play a varsity support (or club sport), make sure the universities you are looking at offer that sport, especially if you are looking to obtain an athletic scholarship.

Cost can also play a role in the university one chooses to attend, but it doesn’t have to. Often, the universities that cost the most are the ones that offer you the most financial aid. In my experience, attending Harvard ended up costing me less than I would have spent at my local state school.

Overall, my main point of advice would be: make sure the college that you choose to attend fits you and that you are comfortable in your surroundings.

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