HSA Tutoring partners with The Learning Lab to host the Ivy Summit Series


Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) Tutoring is exclusively partnering with The Learning Lab (TLL), a leading enrichment center based in Singapore, to host another round of Ivy Summit Series workshops over Thanksgiving recess. After the success of this past summer’s pilot program, the two learning centers are teaming up once again to provide students in Singapore the opportunity to learn about the American university application process and to hone personal enrichment skills.

Because the goal of both organizations is to help students reach their highest potential, it was a natural next step for HSA Tutoring and The Learning Lab to collaborate for a program that not only emphasizes academic excellence but also equips students with the life-long skills for future personal growth. With HSA Tutoring’s expertise in the college preparation and leadership arena, as well as The Learning Lab’s 15-year history as a well-established learning center, the Ivy Summit Series is the culmination of the two organizations’ efforts to open new horizons for students.

The Ivy Summit Series fits into the larger array of group programs that HSA Tutoring offers. Like the group workshops that run regularly on Harvard’s campus, the Ivy Summit Series is taught entirely by Harvard undergraduate instructors and is designed to teach students through a very hands-on approach. The workshops are also designed to maintain our standard for individualized student attention, capping each breakout session at 14 students.

Workshop activities in the Ivy Summit Series range from receiving real-time feedback on student writing samples to structuring college essays under the guidance of the instructors. Students will be challenged to rigorously engage with the material, as many of the activities involve interactive components. The goal of this workshop series is to empower the students with the knowledge that will benefit them through the college application process and beyond.

The Ivy Summit Series will span the course of two days from November 25th to November 26th, with two 4-hour workshops running per day. Two of HSA Tutoring’s outstanding tutors, senior Benjamin Barnett and junior Chris Zhang, will be traveling to Singapore during Harvard’s Thanksgiving recess to lead these workshops at The Learning Lab’s Mountbatten Square facility.

About The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is the leading national provider of academic enrichment and tutorial services for pre-primary, primary, secondary and pre-tertiary students in Singapore. We develop and run premier educational programs in English, Chinese, Mathematics and the Sciences at the pre-primary, primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels.

Our distinctive and highly regarded brand of education is designed to ensure academic excellence, as well as to develop our students’ interests in the various subjects. We take great pride in designing learning approaches which go beyond exams and curriculum, instilling the love for learning in our students who will grow up and make an impact on society. The Learning Lab now operates in Singapore from eight facilities at Tampines Mall, Tampines Point, Mountbatten Square, United Square, Rochester Mall, HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and Westgate.

About Harvard Student Agencies

Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring is a branch of Harvard Student Agencies, Inc. (HSA), the largest student-run company in the world. Founded in 1957, HSA is a multi-million dollar non-profit organization that employs Harvard undergraduates to provide professional services for the Harvard community and beyond.

Our mission at HSA Tutoring is to provide high-quality tutoring and provide our students with the best educational opportunity to succeed in their academic endeavors. We believe that education should be personalized and catered to suit our students’ individual learning styles. Our goal is to not only help our students develop mastery of the material but to also inspire a love of learning in our students.

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