Introducing High School Interns!

Hi all!

My name is Kelley and I’m one of the managers with HSA Tutoring. I’d like to introduce to you our new high school interns, who will be working with us closely. Their initial post is meant to introduce them to you, and you can ask them any questions you want!

Here’s a feature from Juliette Wong:

Hello People on this Website!

My name is Juliette Wong, and I’m one of the high school interns that will be blogging for Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring!  I am so excited to share with you information about high school and about the college admission process!

Some quick facts about me:

  • I am a high school senior at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California.
  • I am a competitive rhythmic gymnast, and I travel nationwide to compete.
  • My favorite subject is math, but I also enjoy chemistry.
  • During my free time, I like to tutor, run on a treadmill, and make cards.  I would also love sleeping, but I usually end up over-analyzing situations instead.
  • I have a terrible memory.  Therefore, I really like to use to-do lists to serve as reminders of what I need to accomplish.
  • I live my life in color.  (Basically, this just means I color code my to-do lists, but my life is far from boring.)
  • I like bullet points.  (I also really like parentheticals.  There may be more of both of these in upcoming posts.)  

I first became involved with HSA tutoring over the summer.  I spent this past summer at Harvard for the Secondary School Program, where I took Multivariable Calculus (shoutout to Professor Knill for bringing cantaloupe for the class to eat to teach us about triple integrals) and a printmaking class.  While there, I enrolled in HSA’s College Essay Program.  My tutor NaYoung really helped me take a unique approach to gymnastics for my personal statement, and my positive experience with the program inspired me to become one of the high school interns.

I encourage all of you to browse through all of the offerings that HSA tutoring has!  HSA is extremely flexible and will tailor to your needs!  Feel free to email us at if you have specific questions you want answered by me or any of the other bloggers!

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