10 Things to Do Over Winter Break: Juliette Wong

Hey guys!

Congrats on surviving twelve long months of 2016.  Now that you have some time on your hands, here are some things you can do over the winter break.


  • Sleep: Let’s face it- your bed misses you.
  • Get ahead on college stuff:
  • Seniors: finish college apps– For those procrastinating seniors (same), take advantage of the time away from school to finally finish those essays before the January 1st deadline.
  • Non-seniors: do some college research– For those over-ambitious high schoolers, take the time to really get to know some colleges.  What majors do the schools offer?  What clubs are there?  Is there a student blog that accurately reflects on the current student population?  (If there is, read it.  Blogs are highly entertaining.)
  • Read a good book: Read a book for pleasure, not to get ahead in your AP class.  Unless you want to.  Then by all means do so.  You do you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Sleep some more: Might as well get ahead on your sleep for next year.
  • Go shopping: Treat yourself to something (cheap-ish) you’ve always wanted.  For me, that would be earmuffs to block out my sister’s mediocre Christmas singing.
  • Thank your loved ones: Your family and friends were always there for you when you pushed them away to hide in your room to finish your assignments.  Try to make it up to them.  Give them a card and/or spend quality time beating them in Monopoly.
  • Learn how to be an adult: If you’re planning on living without your parents in college, you’re going to need some growing up.
  • Laundry: Learn how to do it.  Don’t leave a pile of clothes on the floor.  Doing so would scare away future guests and friends.
  • Clean: Become a neat freak before you freak your future neat freak-roommate out.
  • Budget your money: Don’t become a broke student relying on instant ramen to stay full.  Make a habit of saving money now.
  • Learn how to cook: Food is important. Learn to cook a few simple meals before you leave home.
  • Fix bad relationships: If you have made some mistakes, own up to them. Apologize when appropriate and respect your peers.
  • Exercise: Studies show that working out makes you happier.  Burn off those holiday calories!
  • Take nice pictures: Take pictures with your friends, with your family, with nature, or with a holiday background.  #doitforthegram
  • Enjoy yourself:  End the year on a high note.  Dive deep into something you love.  Spend time to relax and to be your true self again.  Go on an adventure.  Take chances.  Live your life with no regrets.


That’s it for now.  Hope everyone has a nice holiday season!


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