Getting Re-Energized For Second Semester: Ansley

Getting Re-Energized for The New Semester

Second semester can be very daunting, to say the least. After two weeks off, the last thing you want to do is go back to the hustle and grind of tests, homework, and extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, it is something we must do. The new semester and new year provide us opportunities to change what we did not like about our previous situation. Change can be difficult and frustrating, but you don’t have to take it to the extreme for it to be effective.


Do things that make you happy

This year, take some time for yourself. Instead of focusing on trying to make other people happy, chose activities that will improve your own mental and physical health. This will mean different things for different people. For example, you can listen to a new podcast or read a book on a topic that interests you. Another option is to join clubs or activities in your community like cross country, dance, baseball, or a leadership team. By doing things that interest you in your free time, you will have an outlet to relax and enjoy yourself outside of school.


People can only handle 20% of change.

Many times, we go into a new year or new semester wanting to change everything we did wrong previously. Instead of trying to change every little thing, focus on two or three things you want to specifically improve, and keep doing the things that helped you. By only adding or changing a few things in your life, you will be able to more effectively carry them out. Plus, it will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It is important to have your changes happen organically so that they do not fizzle out!


Let your change be like a river – powerful yet steady.

The changes you want to adopt need to be specific. Instead of diving in blind, make a plan for what you want to change and what smaller steps are necessary to accomplish it. This will help you to keep yourself accountable. You will be able to channel your energy toward your goals in a sustainable way. By having a small number of clearly-defined action steps, you will be able to make positive changes in your life without getting burned out.


Second semester can be difficult. Half of the school year has gone by, and it can seem pointless to try to get more involved with school. Second semester should be just the opposite. It is the perfect opportunity to continue doing the things that were working for you last semester and to change the things that were not. Instead of heading back to school filled with dread about the rest of the academic year, get excited for the changes you are going to make to transform yourself into a happier, more productive you.


– Ansley Goeckel

  1. Well written, Ansley!



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