What to Do This Summer – Ansley

Many times it seems that our summers are filled with a melancholy routine that consists of Netflix and sleeping. As nice as it is to relax in the summer, sometimes it is nice to do things too. One thing you can do this summer is attend a summer program. There are summer programs for all interests: sports, band, dance, arts, leadership, business, law, science, medicine, etc. Many of these programs require that you fill out an application before attending. Applications are usually accepted from January to April.


Personally, I have attended two summer programs. The first summer program I went to was a two-week ballet intensive. During the two weeks at the camp, I made new friends and explored the city of Athens, Georgia. I was also able to improve my ballet, jazz, modern, and tap skills. This summer program taught me some independence as well. There were no parents to tell me to wake up and go to class, or do my laundry. These were things I had to do on my own. The most important thing I learned at that summer program was independence. I couldn’t rely on my parents for everything. I had to make my own decisions.


The second summer program I attended was the Summer Business Academy at Harvard. This is a camp put on Harvard Student Agencies. There were many wonderful speakers who I learned from. However, the experience I had at the camp taught me more than any guest speaker could have. This camp taught me the importance of jumping straight into something, and to not worry about what other people think. While I attended this one week intensive, I was one of three girls.I loved having so many guys around because they were all very motivated and wonderful people. However, it also was very awkward trying to talk to people and make multiple friends because there were so few girls. Retrospectively, I wish I had taken the chance to talk to everyone there and get to know them – even just on the surface level. I had an absolute blast with all of the people there that week. They motivated and inspired me to work harder and do more with my time. The Summer Business Academy at Harvard has inspired me to go back to the campus this summer at the Harvard Pre-College Program, and I could not be more excited for it.


Summer programs are a great way to explore your interests. They also teach you valuable lessons that you will carry with you forever. Please take some time to explore the different options available to you this summer. The experiences you have and friendships you create will stay with you for years to come.


-Ansley Goeckel

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