Building your Community – Ansley

At my school, something our principle always emphasizes is the “brand” or community of the student body. He holds us to the “standard of excellence,” but what does this truly mean? How do you build up community in your friends groups or at your own schools?


Lead Your Life

In order to build up your school and community, you must first improve you won life. If you are not happy with your life, you will not be able to lead the things that come to you. To lead your life, you can do multiple things. You can listen to motivational podcasts, or watch motivational videos. You can also do things that make you calm and happy. For example, many of my friends and I enjoy coloring in adult coloring books. The designs are created to calm you as you color. If you have a faith life, you can also spend more time developing it. These are just a few ways for you to lead your life, but anything that will better you as a human will help you lead your life.


Lead Yourself and Lead Your School

This seems very similar to leading your life. However, leading yourself is all about your service to others. When you lead yourself, you are leading others through servant leadership. Servant leadership is leading by “pushing from the bottom up”. By working to the best of your ability and having a positive image, you by leading yourself have also led others. Your peers will see your positive work ethics and will follow in your footsteps. This is especially true in group settings. By working to your best ability, you lead yourself and your peers.


Lead Your Community

When you lead others, they will go out and lead others. It’s a chain reaction. The people from your school will go out and lead those around them if you leave them with a positive influence. This allows your school community to improve because everyone works to keep up the expectation of the school. This is evident in sports and outside hobbies. Whether students are at practice or at their job, they will become leaders and work positively in environment which reflects well on the school and on the most basic level – you. This all comes back to the students who are leading their lives. These are the students that have the most influence over their peers and will have the most effect.


By leading your life, you will set off a chain reaction that will improve your school community. It will also improve your individual image because your peers will view you with respect. Respect is one of the most important thing you can earn from your peers. While this respect and the effects of your leadership may take time to become visible, it is important to remember that the best things take time to develop.

  • Ansley Goeckel

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