What To Do This Summer

It’s May, summer is nearly here, and you still don’t have summer plans! What’s a college-hopeful to do??

What To Do This Summer


  • Take a break!

First things first: breathe in, breathe out, and remember to enjoy your summer. “But colleges care about what I do! I need to pad that resume!” you may be thinking. That may be true, but in your frenzy to find something to do, don’t forget to do the things you love! Go to the beach, take a family vacation, or go on a road trip with your friends. These activities are fun, but they’re also critical: colleges like to see that you take time to self-reflect and learn more about yourself! Plus, you wouldn’t want to get burnt out working for the whole summer and then jumping right into a new school year.



  • Work


Now that you have vacation time built in, think about what you want to do for the whole summer. Work could be as simple as working in your local grocery store, ice cream shop, or clothing store — get those discounts! You could work full-time or part-time; it’s all up to you and what you want to get out of the summer — just make sure that you make some money before college. After all, you don’t want to live off of ramen for four years! If you still don’t have a job, don’t fret! Simply visit the websites of all the places you are considering working, and they will most likely have job applications available. On top of that, feel free to march right in, ask if they’re hiring, hand in your resume and interview! Employers like people who show initiative.



  • Intern


If you have grander things in mind, or know what field of study you want to pursue, you may want to think about an internship. Internships are usually a bigger time commitment, but you get the benefit of gaining a mentor and guidance throughout the process. Talk to your teacher, guidance counselor, or professor — any adult who you look up to and who you think may be able to help you! Simply asking never hurts, and can open wonderful doors. An internship may be the best experience of your life! If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you should know that some internships are paid as well — make sure that you look into paid as well as unpaid internships.


While these are three solid possibilities that I’ve described, there are definitely a plethora of other activities you could pursue this summer! For instance, you could earn credit through summer classes at a local college (or come swing by Harvard), or you could even travel! In short: do everything and anything your heart is set on. Best of luck, and have a blast this summer!

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