You have the SATs tomorrow – what now?! – Diego

Hello and happy June from HSA Tutoring! We hope that if you’re taking the SATs tomorrow you’re ready and that if you’re younger this will be a good refresher for you! Don’t forget that HSA is here to help and we’re invested in your future! Our star tutor Diego answers what to do the night before the SAT!

Diego will start his junior year at Harvard next fall, but he’s originally from Madrid, Spain. He’s very interested in business and has taken many courses in anything business and economics related. He plans to major in Applied Mathematics focused on Economics. Outside of class, he works in the business development end of a tech start up, plays for various club sports, and is involved in a bunch of financial organizations on campus.


First of all, take a deep breath. You have already prepared more than enough and the extra night of work can only hurt your score. Focus instead on getting a good night’s rest and eating well before the test. Triple check you have all your materials ready and have 3 alarms just in case – the last thing you want is the unnecessary stress of scrambling to get your things ready minutes before the examination. Beyond that, the night before I would go for a run, or anything to disconnect your mind and be ready to dial in the next day.


You hear you alarm go off the day of your SAT – game day. Look over your notes one last time, do some practice math problems to get your brain warmed up and have a nice big breakfast. Head over to the examination center and remember that although the SAT’s are important, they are not the only deciding factor on your college admittance – you are worth much more than a score on a standardized test. Focus on doing the best you can.


Here are my 3 tips for the moments preceding the SAT:

  1. Have a music playlist ready to calm your nerves as you head to the center.
  2. Take some gum, snacks and water into the test center. Taking these periodically throughout tests has been shown to increase concentration and thus scores.
  3. Try to avoid having more coffee than you usually do in the morning. This may increase your adrenalin levels to the point where its hard to concentrate. Stick to water or one cup of coffee at most!


Good luck!

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