Capturing You: How to Ace Your CommonApp Personal Statement

With the CommonApp rolling out August 1st, you should get started thinking about your CommonApp personal statement!

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When writing your Common Application personal statement, your goal is capturing your personality and emphasizing what makes you unique. The following tips can help you present yourself to college admissions counselors professionally and effectively.

Focus on you! Your personal statement is an opportunity to highlight what matters to you, so consider focusing on values, experiences, or goals which are not mentioned elsewhere on your application. Keep your scope narrow and personal– you should not attempt to tell your entire life story in this essay, nor should you focus on your family or wider community. Instead, tell your reader a story about yourself which reflects your character and background.

Start early! Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete your personal statement at a comfortable pace. Start by figuring out which prompt works best for you, and brainstorming potential topics. Then, start putting your thoughts into words. Plan on drafting and editing your piece several times, and ask your parents, teachers, and friends to read your personal statement and give you feedback.

Use your own words! While you should proofread your statement for errors and typos, remember that it is not intended to showcase your skills as a poet or novelist. Your personal statement should be an organic expression of your thoughts, written in your own words. Unlike an academic essay, you may use informal or colloquial speech on the Common Application, but remember to represent yourself professionally throughout your personal statement.

 This blog post was written by Sam H.

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