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Tip from Aaron: Answer Every Question :)

Hey everyone! My name's Aaron and I'm a senior at Harvard concentrating in government (that's Harvard speak for "majoring in political science"--we like to give everything weird names here). I've been tutoring with HSA since my freshman fall and my favorite subjects to teach are math and writing. My tip has to do with the ...


Tip from Holly: Read out Loud!

I’m Holly, a rising sophomore at Harvard College likely concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Molecular and Cellular Biology. A lifetime resident of snowy New England and having attended high school in Boston, I’ve always had a particular passion for English writing and biology, the standardized test kind and otherwise. This is the first in a ...


Hello Internet!

Hello internet! HSA Tutoring is starting a blog and I have the honor of writing the first entry. First, let me me introduce myself: my name is Ronia Hurwitz and I am the Operations Manager of HSA Tutoring. I’m a rising sophomore at Harvard, concentrating in Applied Math/Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Outside of ...