About HSA Tutoring

As a branch of Harvard Student Agencies, Inc., HSA Tutoring is a division of the largest student run company in the world. Our mission is to make affordable tutoring available to all students in the Boston area, and our core services include SAT courses and private tutoring for the SAT I, SAT II Subject Tests, AP Tests, IB Tests, and all other academic subjects, as well as online tutoring.  All of our tutors are current Harvard students. Our tutoring services are available to students outside and inside the Boston/ Cambridge area, even though HSA Tutoring is a non-profit based at Harvard University.


At HSA Tutoring, we believe that high test scores and grades come through focusing on the student. Our Harvard tutors remain paired with a student for the entirety of the tutoring experience so that they can grasp a student’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust the tutoring curriculum appropriately to focus on his or her areas for improvement. We cater to individual learning styles and place a strong emphasis on communication between our Harvard tutors and their students. We believe that the best test preparation comes not just with a list of material to know and strategies to memorize, but rather through a dynamic process that focuses on a deeper understanding of the concepts and analytical capabilities that each test requires.


Our Harvard tutors at HSA Tutoring have recently taken the SAT I, SAT II Subject Tests, ACT, AP Exams, or IB Exams. Our tutors not only have exemplary test scores, but are also screened through a highly selective process to ensure that they genuinely and enthusiastically embody our mission to expand educational opportunities for students. In fact, numerous Harvard students – including former valedictorians with perfect SAT and AP scores – are turned down every year. The average SAT score of our tutors is 2310. After completing a rigorous training curriculum, our staff at Harvard University personally matches each student to a tutor based on the student’s specific needs and our Harvard tutors’ areas of expertise, ensuring that your student receives customized and high-quality instruction.


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